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5 Must Have Home Gym Equipment

If you are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, then surely one of your most desired things in life is to build your own home gym. Having your own home gym certainly benefits you in many different ways. You can save a whole lot of money in the long run because you do not have to pay for gym memberships. You can also save a lot of time because you do not have to commute to and from your home to the gym. You can now use that saved time for commuting to other important things such as time for self and family. You can also do your workout routine without having to wait in line to use the gym equipment. You can work at your own pace without having to think of others waiting for you to finish using the equipment.

There are certainly numerous benefits in owning your home gym. With that being said, it is important to know which home gym equipment you should own in order to maximize the advantages of having your own gym at home than having the one available to the general public. It is vital to know which ones can be used effectively at home to achieve your fitness and workout goals. Hence, to help you here are the 5 must have Home Gym equipment:

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

(Source: Elements.envato.com)

Having a home gym entails that you must have enough space to put your home gym equipment with also ample storage space for dumbbells, barbells, and the likes. However, if you are one of those who only has enough space for their home gym then the Adjustable Dumbbells are an ideal solution in getting a good strength workout at home without using too much space. An adjustable dumbbell is a unique type of dumbbell that can combine different sets of weights into one through utilizing an innovative dial system. It is space efficient without compromising flexible strength training options.With its unique and effective design, it offers a wide array of exercises you can do from. You can immediately change your resistance on each dumbbell from lightweight to heavyweight (some even start from 5 lbs that expands to 50 lbs of weight) through just manipulating a dial found in the dumbbells. It is good to note that it adjusts in a few kilograms or pounds increments until it reaches its maximum weight. This enables to slowly increase muscle strength without having to bulk up immediately. The product dimension, product weighs, product specifications differ from each adjustable dumbbell. However, the same principle applies. It saves spaces while making sure you make the most out of it.

2. Treadmills

(Source: Elements.envato.com)

Owning your own treadmill in your home gym is surely a must. It is not only good for your cardio training but it is also helpful in promoting muscle growth in your lower body muscles such as the muscles of the legs and hips. It is one of the gym equipment staples in making your own home gym.

Running on a treadmill is a great cardio exercise that is designed to help you if you are on a weight loss program. Running on a treadmill can effectively burn approximately 100 calories for every mile that you run. More than that, running on a treadmill improves your cardiovascular health. It helps increase strength and endurance of the heart. In addition to that, it also promotes good circulation of blood in your body which is vital for the proper oxygen distribution to muscles and all other organ systems of the body. Also, running on a treadmill has been proven to promote muscle gain and strength other than improving your cardio health and stamina. The more you run the more the muscles of the legs and abdomen get built up through time.

It is also good to note that treadmills are very convenient home gym equipment. It is for the obvious fact that you do not have to go outside or outdoors just to run. You do not need to go to the gym either. Running on a treadmill is much safer than running outdoors. It is very convenient because you can easily work out at any time of the day while watching your favorite movie or tv series.

3. Pull up bar

(Source: Elements.envato.com)

A pull up bar is used for upper body strength training exercise. It is used for advanced exercises to develop the muscles of the upper body like the arm and shoulder muscles. If you do pull ups regularly, you will promote strength in your forearms and shoulders. If you are a beginner, then you can just hang from the bar for a few minutes every day to increase your strength as you work up to the complete movement. It is also one of the most effective exercises for promoting strength and muscle development of the back. It can target the Latissimus dorsi, Trapezius, Thoracic erector spinae, and Infraspinatus. In addition, pull ups can also aid in improving your grip strength which is important if you are lifting weight or into sports such as golf, tennis, bowling, and the likes. Grip strength is important for activities of daily life. As a whole, strength and resistance training like pull ups can increase your overall fitness level. Other than improving your strength, studies show that pull ups can improve bone development and cardiovascular health.

4. Adjustable Weight Bench

(Source: Elements.envato.com)

A weight bench is a vital home gym equipment for any person who wants to do weight lifting training. Benches provide an easy and effective way to target different body muscles during exercise. One of the most popular types of weight bench is the Adjustable Weight bench.

An Adjustable weight bench helps you focus on different muscles through adjusting body angles. It is designed to provide a wide range of workout options to effectively workout different compound muscles of the body. Other than providing angles for workouts, this also provides stability for proper body posture in order to significantly improve core strength training.

This type of weight bench is not only important for lifting weights, but it can also be utilized for doing other several exercises such as push ups, core exercises, calisthenics, and many more. This makes it an ideal home gym equipment because it offers variation to people who love to workout.

5. Smith Machine

(Source: Elements.envato.com)

The Smith Machine is a weight equipment that helps in resistance training especially to beginners who do not know how to safely perform free weight exercises involving heavy weights. Hence, it is good for a home gym because you can perform various exercises with a more stable body movement and a better posture, hence, making the most out of every exercise routine. Moreover, the Smith Machine reduces the risk of injury of each exercise through providing safety mechanisms that you can adjust during each training. You can do bench press throw, arm shrugs, leg squats, power rows, crunches, lateral raise, and many more exercises. Doing these exercises in the smith machine allows the weight trainers to safely engage supramaximal loads in a limited range of motion by considerably decreasing the balancing demands making the exercise more effective than doing it in free weight exercises.

As a tool-in-one, the Smith Machine affords you to do partial reps like using the power rack, permitting you to work through a short range of motion; through different angles offered by the machine, the smith machine also allows you to press or pull against an immovable load imitating an angle-specific isometric training; It also permits you to perform reverse movements in which you can start the exercise at the bottom of the rep removing the negative energy augmented during the eccentric component of the repetition. Hence, the smith machine indeed has multiple different function that can be utilized to make the best out of your exercise.

These are just some of the home gym must haves that you need in order to set up a functional and effective home gym. Nonetheless, all listed here are the most basics that you need that cover almost all exercises. With these, you can surely start setting up your home gym that offers quality and effective strength and resistance workout training that will help you achieve your goals. So if you are still wondering what home gym equipment to buy, you should definitely start with the ones above.

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