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Cost Comparison Between Smith Machine and Other Gym Equipment

The Smith Machine is a weight equipment containing a barbell fixed between steel rails. It is one of the most innovative inventions in fitness because the modern version of this equipment is considered as an all-in-one gym machine. With that, users of this machine can perform a wide array of exercises such as squats, bench press, rows, seated overhead press, drag curl, and many more. Furthermore, other than permitting users to perform different routines, the Smith Machine is also a weight equipment that helps in resistance training especially to those casual or inexperienced strength trainees who do not know how to safely perform free weight exercises involving heavy weights. So if you are one of those people, this machine will surely be of benefit to you because you can perform various exercises with a more stable body movement and a better posture, therefore, making the most out of every exercise routine.

Because it is an all-in-one gym equipment, people will surely benefit from buying their own smith machine for their home gyms. Other than the comfort and swift shift from one exercise to another, you will surely save more money in the long run when you buy a single all-in-one smith machine that can perform a wide array of exercise, rather than buying different sets of gym machines for various exercises. Hence, in order to give you a detailed idea on the time, energy, and amount of money you can save when buying the smith machine, here is an article that will give you a cost comparison of the smith machine compared to other gym equipment.

Cost of Smith Machine

(Source: Elements.envato.com)

There are definitely a lot of different smith machines in the market. The cost of a smith machine varies differently depending on many factors such as the steel frame used, the attachments that come with the machine, and all other features that modern smith machine manufacturers offer. However, it is good to note that most quality smith machines in the market are relatively more expensive compared to other gym equipment.

In order to give you a rough estimate, a basic smith machine can cost around 800$ to 1000$. This is only a basic smith machine that has a barbell fixed in between a steel rail. However, even with a basic smith machine, you can still perform a wide array of exercises such as squats, bench presses, bicep curls, deadlifts, tricep extensions, shrugs, and the likes. But if you are looking for a more complete all-in-one smith machine that can do other specialized exercises such as lateral pull downs and high pulley cable exercises, then you can opt for the more expensive versions available in the market. These smith machines can range from 1800$ to 3500$. However, they already include almost everything you need for your home gym, so you can assure that you can do all your home routine exercises using just one equipment. Moreover, these expensive smith machines are made up of extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing, with only the best grade steel used in every component. They also have built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates and cable attachments. These smith machines also have a component that can turn allows you to perform vertical leg press exercise. They also come with several attachments such as a short bar, triceps rope, cable handle, a landmine attachment, and cable crossovers and a rowing cable for seated rows. Lastly, their benches adjust at the back pad and seat pad to diversify your workout. With these, you can assure that even at an expensive price, the quality of the machine will let you enjoy it for many years while making sure you can perform a variety of exercises with more ease and safety.

Cost of gym equipments that perform exercises you can do in a smith machine

  • Power rack

    (Source: Elements.envato.com)

    A power rack, also known as a squat rack, is a machine that allows you to perform weight lifting exercises. It consists of four vertical upright pillars, with bar catches and spotters attached to them. It permits the individuals to work out with free weights, ensuring complete safety. Moreover, the power rack allows you to perform several exercises. However, you must first buy additional bars for bar dips or buy an additional bench for bench presses. So the cost will still be higher after buying all these additional components. The power rack is designed to be durable, stable and has weight trees on the side of the equipment. On an average, power racks are frequently priced between $300 to 400$ and take up quite a bit of space. This pricing is comparatively lower than buying a smith machine. However, it still has limited exercise variety compared to a usual smith machine.

  • High pulley cable crossover

    (Source: Elements.envato.com)

    The Cable Crossover is an exercise done on a machine that is utilized in order to strengthen the muscles of the upper chest. It involves two pulleys and will target the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor as well as your anterior deltoids. Furthermore, the standing cable crossover is the most common exercise in cable chest exercise that occurs in the gym. The usual cost of a high pulley cable crossover machine is approximately 1000$ to 3500$ depending on the size and the attachments that comes with the machine itself. This is relatively about the same price of a smith machine which offers more exercises compared to the high pulley cable crossover machine.

  • Bench press machine

    (Source: Elements.envato.com)

    The bench press machine is one of the most common gym equipment that you can see in both commercial and home gyms. As many people know, the main muscles that are targeted in a bench press are the triceps brachii and pectoralis major with the anterior or front deltoids, traps & back as secondary muscles utilized in the flat barbell bench press. The entry level flat utility bench can be purchased from about $40-70, while the High-end flat benches can range from $150-$300. Compared to a smith machine, a bench press machine is definitely cheaper.

  • Back Row Machine

    (Source: Elements.envato.com)

    A back row machine is utilized in order to build your upper body strength. When performing the exercise in the machine, the primary movers are the lats and rhomboids. The trapezius and biceps also aid in the movement by assisting the lats and rhomboids. The most basic row machines in the market can be as little as $180 to $400. However, the world’s best-selling rowing machine from the most recognizable manufacturer can range from approximately $900 to $1,250, depending on the materials and the personal monitoring computer selected.

  • Lateral pull down machine

    (Source: Elements.envato.com)

    The lateral pulldown machine is a free standing machine or an attachment that has a padded seat, thigh support and a long bar hanging from an upper rod. It aids you in order to perform compound vertical pulling exercises that target the latissimus dorsi, middle and lower trapezius, serratus anterior and rhomboids. The price range of a lateral machine is approximately from $400 for basic types to $1500 for the high end types.

  • Should press machine

    (Source: Elements.envato.com)

    The machine shoulder press machine is utilized as a variation of the seated barbell shoulder press. It is used in order to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders. One would use the machine shoulder press as a way to perform the pressing movement pattern with a focus on isolating the shoulders. Most commercial gym seated Shoulder Press Machines are frequently priced from approximately $500 to $600. However, there are some manufacturers that price their machines at a higher price.

Summary of cost between smith machine and other gym equipment

Gym Equipment Cost of Equipment
Smith Machine Basic: $800-$1000
High End: $1800 to $3500
Power Rack $300 to $400
High Pulley Cable Crossover Machine $1000 to $3500
Bench Press Machine Basic: $40 to $70
High End: $150 – $1250
Back Row Machine Basic: $180 to $400
High End: $900 – $1250
Lateral Pulldown Machine Basic: $400
High End $1500
Shoulder Press Machine $500 to $600

The table above shows the summary of the cost of different gym equipment. As you can see above, if you combine all other equipment it will be more expensive than the price of a smith machine. With this, it is highly suggested that you buy an all-in-one smith machine because in the end and on a long run you can save more while you can also perform more exercises.

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