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Everything About Light Commercial Smith Machine

The Smith Machine has been utilized in the fitness industry for a time now and has been growing in popularity over the years because they are reliable when you need to do a wide range of different exercises and are very easy fitness equipment to use. So whether you are aiming to lose some pounds or aiming to build up your muscles, the smith machines are an excellent equipment for developing muscle strength and mass and for losing body fat. The Smith Machine, a piece of strength equipment, is utilized in weight training. It consists of an olympic sized barbell that is horizontally fixed to hooked carriages on each side that move vertically along steel rails or guide rods. A wide variety of exercises can be done in the smith machine. These exercises include such squats, lunges, upright rows, shrugs, chest presses, and military press. The smith machine can be racked at any position throughout the movement of the bar because it has hooks on each side of the bar carriage. Hence, even without a spotter, a smith machine allows safer use for those who lift.

Throughout time, a light commercial smith machine has been manufactured. Light commercial smith machines are the same with traditional smith machines however it features design innovations, construction, and commercial grade components and materials for use in non-dues based light commercial facilities including hotels, apartments, homes, multi-family living, personal training studios, community recreation centers, corporate wellness centers, fire stations and police stations, rehabilitation centers, and physical therapy offices. The light commercial smith machine also offers the high quality design and features that users want for their own personal home gyms.

There are many light commercial smith machines available in the market. However, they serve the same function such as for light commercial use and suitable for squats and bench press exercises. These light commercial smith machines come with a multitude of benefits and can replace many types of exercise equipment. Here are some the benefits you can get from a light commercial smith machine:

1. Complete Exercise Machine

Even with light commercial smith machines, it has the ability to replace many pieces of exercise equipment, not only saving you money and space at home but also time from having to change from one equipment to the next. The light commercial smith machines come with an adjustable bench, lat pull-down attachments, and a back row attachment. With these attachments, you can perform upper body exercises that can develop the muscles of your core, arms, shoulders, and back. Moreover, manufacturers of light commercial smith machines offer a smith system with linear bearings which allows you to perform lower body exercises such as squats. Hence, the light commercial smith machine is almost a complete exercise machine.

2. Great For Squat Exercises

Squats are always performed in home or commercial gyms. It has always been known as an essential lower body exercise that will tone your legs and improve your overall fitness and strength. For people who had just a recent knee or lower leg injury or those who just really have a bad knee, squatting can sometimes be a painful exercise. A light commercial smith machine can be helpful in performing the exercise, while making sure it reduces the pain.

With a barbell attached to two guided poles using a linear bearing system, the smith machine allows you to perform the squat exercise better. During a squat exercise, the barbell moves up and down the guide poles in order to ensure that the barbell and your body remain in a proper position and vertical movement without twisting or bending. This also makes the squat exercise safer because with the lightweight yet quality materials that most light commercial smith machines are made of, it ensures that your body does not receive too much weight in order to reduce the risk of knee injury and other types of accidents. Furthermore, this added support allows you to have a stable squat movement because the smith machine reduces the pressure on your knees, back, and joints. Because the smith machine supports you in the squat position, it gives you a sense of mental focus allowing you to concentrate on completing the exercise rather than worrying about what could happen wrong.

3. Reduced risk of Injury

Usually there are two hooks attached permanently to the light commercial smith machine permanently, just like the traditional smith machine. These hooks are utilized for supporting the barbell on guide rods that are attached to the smith machine. It allows you to rest in between sets of exercises because the hooks sit on the guide rods and support the weight of the barbell. A simple twist of the wrist will allow you to hook the bar onto the guide rods and the weight is then supported, allowing you to rest. Moreover, it is also a safety system that reduces your risk for injury. With that, it gives you a sense of safety to push yourself to the limits because you can just quickly twist your wrist if you had enough. This is important because your muscles need to do maximum effort while making sure you do not injure yourself. This maximum exercise creates micro tears in the muscles. These tears are repaired through building extra muscle fibers when you rest your body after a workout. This, in exchange, causes increased muscle growth and strength. Lastly, the lift off and racking of the bar are always done at your natural position since the hooks move along with the bar. Thus, you do not have to put your shoulders into an injury prone position because you do not need to reach behind your head for pressing exercises. You do not need to lean forward for squats. With the light commercial smith machine, the start and end of your exercises is always in the most natural, reduced-risk position.

4. Great for A Home Gym

Using the weight on the barbell and gravity, you are able to perform a wide range of exercises with the light commercial smith machine. Thus, the light commercial smith machine works on very basic mechanical principles and does not require complicated pulleys, cables, or other components found on a typical home gym equipment. With this, it is easier to use the machine. It also reduces the need to replace any broken cables and pulleys saving you time, energy, and money along the way. Some good quality smith machines however come with a form of cable crossover or pulley system. This cable system built on these smith machines are simplified for easier use and built with high quality and standards.

In general, these light commercial smith machines are simplified and made with durable commercial grade steel frame and bar. It makes sure that even without complicated attachments and accessories, you will still be able to perform different sets of exercises that can help you develop your upper and lower body muscles.

5. Good Investment

One of the best things about having your own light commercial smith machine is that it is a good and great investment. If you are planning to build your own home gym, then the smith machine should be one of your top priorities when purchasing a fitness machine because it can replace up to ten different fitness equipment, all in one compact smith machine. It saves you time, money, and space in your own home gym. Moreover, you can be assured that the light commercial smith machines are made with commercial grade and quality steel bars and frames. Furthermore, most manufacturers of light commercial smith machines offer different warranties, making sure that if something goes wrong, you will have a replacement with the smith machine.

In conclusion, the light commercial smith machine is the same with traditional smith machines but it features design innovations, construction, and commercial grade components and materials for use in non-dues based light facilities such as home gyms. It is a versatile piece of gym equipment that allows you to workout with multiple functions and directions for endless variety such as cable fly, standing lat pushdown, lat pulldown, Olympic bar rotations and pushup, horizontal bar and parallel bars, low bar pull-up, barbell deadlift, barbell squat, boxing, push-up, pull-up, and butterfly exercise. With a workout bench, the light commercial smith machine offers you more workout options including seated leg extension, lying leg extension, upper body stretches, as well as incline, decline and flat barbell chest press. Hence, this smith machine will benefit you when you are training your upper and lower body muscles to become stronger and bigger.

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