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ALTAS Strength AL-3073 Function Trainer With 180KG Weight Stack

$2,100 USD

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Adapt to a Variety of Fitness Occasions and Fitness Needs: BK-3073 is a multifunctional Smith machine suitable not only for gym use, but also for home fitness. With it, you have a gym at home. Equipped with two 90kg weight stacks, you can choose them reasonably according to your fitness needs.

Safe, Stable and Durable: The machine is made of upgraded steel meeting international standards. The appearance colour of black and silver grey is simple and fashionable. In addition, the steel tubes used have strong bearing capacity, can bear a maximum weight of 150kg. It is more durable, also, the structure is stable and safe.

Complete Accessories: By using supporting equipments included, you can exercise more than 90% of your muscles on this Smith machine; Of course, you may also exercise particular parts more specifically.

Product Size: L 65inch x W 50inch x H 84inch

Accessories included: Big Handle, Small Handle, Tie Rod, Bicep rope, Ankle Cuff, Handle Belt, Chain Hook, Hook

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Weight 230 kg


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