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The Best Smith Machine Attachments or Accessories

In most commercial gyms, there is a specific piece of fitness equipment that can offer a wide range of different exercises without even needing a spotter to do them. This equipment is known as the Smith Machine.

Compared to free weight exercises, the smith machine can offer a much safer exercise routine while still making sure you can perform difficult with comfort and effectiveness. This fitness equipment is able to do this because it consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel rails allowing only vertical or near-vertical movement. With that, this results in less requiring need for stabilizing muscles when performing a wide range of exercises. These safety features that smith machines offer include bottom springs that allow users to limit the range of motion, and easy locking mechanisms so that users can still lift without even a spotter. The smith machine can offer a number of exercises such as squats, lifts, presses, rows, and many more.

Furthermore, one of the amazing things about the Smith Machine is that even in the comforts of our own home, we can still get the most of the equipment. You can buy attachments that can help you perform an even wider range of exercises in the smith machine. With that, if you are interested in what attachments you can invest in for your smith machine, then we are here to help you. Here is a list of the best Smith Machine accessories:

1. Leg Press Attachment For Elite Power Rack/Smith Machine/Functional Trainer System

The leg press attachment is a must when you have a smith machine at home. One of the best leg press attachments in the market is the Monster System Leg Press Attachment which is suitable for any user height. This leg press attachment comes with a heavy Duty design in order to carry any weight which can fit onto the Smith Bar sleeves. Furthermore, this leg press attachment is ideally used for any Monster system models of smith machines but if your equipment has the proprietary smith bar with attachment holes, then this accessory can still be used. This leg press attachment can be easily racked and re-racked at any of the Smith Machine height options. With that, this attachment takes pride in its extremely quick and easy set up and remove mechanism. In addition to that, the safety catcher can also be positioned to suit any required height. Once the attachment has been set into position, in order to perform your chosen leg press or calf raise exercises, you just simply need to extend your legs in order to release the leg press plate from its secured position. If you are done with the set, you can easily re-rack into the secure position. The Monster system Leg Press Attachment is ideal for single or dual leg training exercises.

2. Ironmaster Ultimate Chin Up Attachment

There are already a number of different exercises that you can perform in the smith machine. However, using the Ironmaster Ultimate Chin Up Attachment can even further the available exercises that you can do in your fitness equipment. It is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment on the market today. It is best utilized for IM2000 Smith Machine, but you can still utilize it with the machine you have at home.

The Ironmaster Ultimate Chin Up attachment comes with thick, knurled grips, which can speak for its quality. The grip handles slide on the heavy duty chromed cross bar. In order to have a wide angled grip, neutral grip, and flat grip, you can adjust and reverse the grip handles. The good thing about this smith machine attachment is that you have a number of different chin up combinations because you can adjust the distance between the handles.

In addition to that, the attachment simply bolts on top of the smith machine frame. You just have to undo and replace three nuts and bolts and you can start chinning. The Ironmaster Ultimate Chin Up Attachment is designed for really heavy pull ups because it is rated for 350lbs. Furthermore, you can also target abdominal muscle in this attachment because you can do exercises such as hanging leg raises.

Overall, the Ironmaster Ultimate Chin Up Attachment is definitely an investment that you should have.

3. Dip Station Attachment for Multifunction Smith Machine

Adding a dip station attachment to your smith machine is an easy and simple way in order to have an even wider range of exercises that specifically target and isolate your pecs, triceps, and deltoid muscles. In addition to that, a dip station attachment can also help you strengthen your grip through targeting the muscles of your hands and fingers. Dip station attachments come with sturdy bars with two handle positions that have a maximum load capacity of at least 200 kgs. With that, you can make sure that you are able to support yourself with your arms as you slowly lower yourself between the handles, and then push yourself back up. So to do exercises other than the conventional smith machine exercises that develop the arms and shoulders, a dip station attachment is a good idea.

4. Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment

Smith machines for home gyms can effectively burn calories and increase muscles. With that, you should complete the experience of a home gym with your smith machine through attaching a Lat pulldown bar. This will surely elevate your exercise performance.

Most Lat pulldown bar attachments for smith machines are constructed with high-strength, rust-roof, solid stainless steel with polished chrome coating, features rotating and swiveling center for more fluid motion. Moreover, it is made with environment friendly textured rubber in order to provide ergonomic and firm grip during your regular routine, as well as to increase comfort and safety. With this, you can be assured that Lat pulldown bar attachments are of the highest quality that will surely last you a lifetime.

Lat bar attachments can be used for your smith machine through attaching it to the present pulley or cable in your equipment. With the Lat bar attachment, you can perform focused body exercises like lat pulldowns, straight arm pulldowns, and many more that isolate and target your upper body muscles. Hence, you can strengthen the muscles of the shoulder, latissimus dorsi, biceps and infraspinatus.

5. Garage Fit Triceps Hammer Rope

The garage fit triceps hammer rope is a good attachment for your home smith machine. Most triceps hammer rope is made out of high-quality materials that gives the tricep pressdown rope significant durability. Furthermore, it is made out of extra-tough nylon and a solid steel attachment point that ensures its quality. In addition to that, the ends of tricep hammer ropes are covered with rubber caps, so you can have a strong and stable grip all the time. Hence, with all these, you can be assured that when doing repetitive moves, the triceps pulldown attachment will not break or snap at you.

A wide wide selection of workouts including face pulls, overhead tricep presses, rope hammer curls, rope lat pull downs, and tricep press downs can be done in your smith machine when this attachment is added. With this, you can make the most out of your smith machine.

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